Clothes For Hip Babies And Celebrity Baby Update

Remember those first photos of Brangelina’s baby Maddox? He was wearing a Black Sabbath tee – quite the rock’n’roll infant. Kingston Stefani has been papped in some seriously urban babywear, ditto the Beckham trio.

To clad your baby in similarly funky attire eschew the high street and embrace the internet. To help you in your mission (and because we love cool kids’ clothes) we’ve done some internet shuftying and come up with these veritable gems:

Nippaz with Attitude What’s it about: threads so hip you’ll feel upstaged by your baby
Our favourite: Notorious B.I.B. Prices: £9.99 for a (seriously cool) bib. Nice stuff: check out the Anarchy In The Nursery gift pack which includes Love and Hate mittens.

Kit n Kin at Freddy Says What’s it about: ethically produced clothing featuring hip photography. Our favourite: ‘Bling girl’ motif (think Mr T chains). Prices: £15.50 for a vest. Nice stuff: we’re loving the fab packaging with swing tag and recycled boxes.

Stardust Kids What’s it about: personalised tees and sleepsuits that go “one louder”
Our favourite: ‘I Love Uncle Ray More Than Uncle Sid’. Prices: £16.50. Nice stuff: they also sell kids’ electric guitars (with built-in amp and speakers).

Twisted Twee What’s it about: “Cheerfully sardonic” designs which your mother-in-law will absolutely not find funny. Our favourite: ‘Half pint’ T-shirt (with matching Pint T-shirt for Dad). Prices: £15 for the tee. Nice stuff: Everything. The whole site is a tribute to cool. Check out the Racing Pantlets and the embroidered Sleepy Head pillowcases.

Finally keep a look out for how these famous mums and dads will be cladding their babes this summer, with this quick celebrity pregnancy update. Congratulations to Halle Berry who gave birth to a longed-for daughter on Sunday 17 March. Halle and partner Gabriel Aubry settled for the unusual name Nahla Ariela Aubry. Nahla is Arabic in origin and means drop of water.

Congratulations also to la Lopez and Marc Anthony on the birth of their twins Max and Emme on February 22nd. Cue the meeja scrum with The People coughing up $6m for the first pictures.

Minnie Driver announced her pregnancy on Jay Leno’s chat show but refuses to say who’s the daddy…

What’s happened to Myleene Klass? She’s shed a whopping four stone since the birth of Ava in August but appears to have all but lost her legendary I’m A Celebrity curves.

Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera both gave birth to their first babies on January 11 – Nicole to Harlow and Christina to Max. Both women are in stunning shape but so pneumatic are the bosoms of Ms Aguilera that we can’t help suspecting a cheeky enhancement.

Lisa Marie Presley has just announced she’s four and a half months pregnant with twins by fourth husband Michael Lockwood. She has two children model Riley Keough, 18, and Benjamin Storm, 15, from her marriage to ex-husband Danny Keough.

And finally congrats to Mike Oldfield on the birth of baby number seven but Mr Fertile, aged 55, is the first to admit how exhausting he’s finding it!

False Eyelashes – A Guide To These Fabulous Beauty Accessories

False eyelashes are one of the big fashion trends this season. These fabulous beauty accessories are getting a huge amount of exposure on television at the moment from stars doubling up on eyelashes on X-Factor to glamorous eye-catching lashes on Strictly Come Dancing.

There are 2 main types of false eyelashes that are available to buy both on the high street and online. These are strip false eyelashes and individual false eyelashes. Strip false lashes are generally more popular than individual ones, as they are quicker to apply. Individual lashes have to be glued to each eyelash you want to lengthen. They do however last a lot longer than strip lashes.

False eyelashes are worn by teenagers and women of all ages (and in some cases men too!) The style of lash depends on both the person and the occasion. Some lashes are far too extreme for daytime wear and are often saved for parties or special occasions.

Why wear false eyelashes? Not all women are blessed with luscious long lashes and look to other ways of lengthening their own. They can draw more attention to your eyes. False lashes can make your own lashes look fuller, but this depends on the thickness of the falsies. Other people who wear false eyelashes do so to make a statement…and boy are some eyelashes eye-catching! Some are super long and thick, while others are luminous in colour.

If you have never tried these beauty accessories before, it is advisable to start with ones that are shorter in length, as they can take some getting useful. Girls With Attitude have a range called Shorties that are designed for everyday wear and are more natural looking than other eyelashes on the market. These lashes are designed for an instant eye lift.

False eyelashes are applied with special lash adhesive, which usually comes in the box with them. This can however be purchased separately. Simply compare the width of the lash band with your own lashes and snip off any excess. Using tweezers hold the eyelash and apply a small amount of eyelash glue along the band. It is really important to ensure that the glue becomes tacky before applying them. This usually takes around 30 seconds. Place the lash as near to your own lash line as possible and press down from the inner to outer corner of your eyes. Hold until they set.

With Christmas on the way, false eyelashes are great stocking fillers. Not only do they fit in a stocking, they are also affordable. Girls can get ‘glammed up’ for the party season with a pair of lashes too. For more ideas and styles, check out the stunning range of false eye lashes presented by Girls with Attitude.

Choosing Wedding Hair Styles – 9 Tips To Select A Gorgeous Style

On the wedding day every girl wishes to look at her best. After all, it is the most cherished moment of her life. It is the day when she would commit her love for her groom amidst their family, relatives & friends. On this day even the very pretty looking girls plan on their looks so much so that they look different from the usual & phenomenally beautiful of course.

The decisions that you take for this day are very important & are equally risky as well. With out a good professional advice choosing your make up & style for the wedding is a real tough one. And in our fast lives today it is indeed very tough to chalk the time to try on every possible make up & hair style & then decide for your self!

So, to keep up with the latest bridal trends, better set aside some budget for the professional stylist to help you with your make up & hairstyle.

Following below are some tips to help you make the key decisions regarding your hair styling & make up for the day of the wedding:

1. Choose some natural looking make up

No on would like to look like a heavily painted doll when the guests come close to greet the couple. So you must choose a very natural looking make up for your self. You must also take care that the make up you choose must look great in the wedding pictures.

2. Get a facial done.

Facial eliminates all the stress marks caused on the face due to the tensions of the preparing of the wedding. It cleanses your skin & makes you look brighter for the big day.

3. Have enough time on hand.

You must make sure to have enough time for your make up & hair dressing. Visit your hair stylist at least six weeks prior to the wedding so that they can go ahead with some minor changes needed in the hair. Also, in case you are planning to change your hair style, the hair color, or the length of the hair, you might also need time up to 6 months or so.

4. Meet the hair dresser & seek an appointment.

You must prefer a hair dresser recommended by some one close in the friends and / or family. While we all seek appointment for the wedding day, seek some extra appointments and show the professional some snaps of the kind of style, dress & head pieces you wish to have on your big day. Also discuss with the professional in detail regarding the apt color, texture & style.

5. For permed or relaxed hair

In case you plan to have permed or relaxed hair, discuss it with your hair stylist. Check if they think that this procedure is safe or would it damage your hair. Damaged hair of course would never look good & they are also very difficult to style. Nowm still if you want to try these, make sure you have enough time on hand in case the experiment turns a flop for any reason.

6. Coloring your hair.

Let the professional help you decide the shade in case you are thinking of dyeing or coloring your hair. The shade you choose must suit your skin tone & the color of your eyes. Also make sure that you first try the shade you decide on with the temporary dye first.

7. Hair Style must match with the cut of your wedding gown.

Make sure that the hair style you choose is quite in tandem with the cuts & shape of your wedding gown. For instance, with a simple gown, go for something very uncomplicated. You must also make sure that the hair style you choose does not call for much care as on your big day you shall have ‘n’ number of things to take of.

8. For the short hair.

Those girls who have short hair may try highlighting to ad some richness to their style. Try undergoing some hair treatments or with a professional advice use some products that would add shine to your hair. For short hair other tips to get that glory are getting a multi-textured look done or may be putting up some flowers.

9. For the long hair.

Those who have long hair can try some very elegant & classy looks with their hair tied up with a rich style. This makes the job of handling the hair quite easy as well, as the day for you would be too long with numerous other things to look up to.

Now along with these tips, gather as much information as you can from a professional hair stylist and get started with the planning of your big day in full fling!

Online Shopping – Stress Or Therapy?

“Seeking and finding just the right items for you, family members and friends is a pleasure-filled experience. Women often envision a wide range of possibilities – comfort, delight, or perhaps knowledge – that the gift is meant to provide, often investing large amounts of time making their choices.” This quote was taken from Shopping As Therapy: Good Health Comes In Small Packages, By Pat Hyland. I actually stumbled across this article while looking through It was fascinating to me. I always tease with my husband that he is the hunter/gatherer of our marriage; however, maybe he is not the only one!

The article also included this quote, “We use shopping as therapy, reward, bribery, pastime, as an excuse to get out of the house, as a way to troll for potential loved ones, as entertainment, as a form of education or even worship, as a way to kill time”. This was taken from Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, by Paco Underhill. I think the entire concept of shopping therapy may have merits. From what I have observed, we do not need to leave the house to help ourselves feel better.

Online shopping can give us the same experience. As a woman who does not have a lot of daylight hours to devote to malls and department stores, I love internet shopping. In my younger days I would have had a great time searching through rack after rack for the perfect piece of clothing, on sale of course. Now that I have more responsibilities I do my trolling while on lunch at work or in some spare time at home. I may not leave the “store” with a bag full of goodies but I feel great nevertheless. I get to feel the excitement and joy of my purchase all over again when the package containing my efforts arrives.

Of course, this does not mean that we need to jump on the internet and spend ourselves silly. As with anything good, take it in moderation. Be sure to stick to your budget. Half the fun of using the internet is the opportunity shoppers have to make sure they are getting a good product at the best price. That is our hunting phase, so make it count! Granted, once we have found a few sites that we like and know are reputable it is normal for us to stick to our comfort zone.

Shopping can also be a good learning experience. I have a teenage daughter who probably would like to see shopping become some sort of Olympic event. Thankfully, I have a sister-in-law who agrees and they can hunt together. She would like to work me over at least once a week for shopping money. Shopping for school clothes is the big fall event at our house. Last year I tried an experiment. I gave her a chunk of money and she had to get what she needed out of it. She came home with some great buys and some not so great buys that she had to live with for several months. This year she checked the internet for great deals before she did anything else. She stretched her dollars much farther! Shopping for therapy or fun, either way works!