Pierre Cardin Fashions

Pierre Cardin originates from French decent. Originally, he was born in Italy on the sixth of July in 1922. He was born to his French parents in San Biagio di Callalta, which is located outside of Venice. At the time, his father was a wine maker. He became known for his space age styles in addition to avante garde styles.

His Imaginative and Successful History

Soon after Cardin’s birth, they decided to return to France. It was not long before their son had become fascinated with both architecture and costume design while at his studies. At the age of 14 in 1936, he had already started learning the basics of fashion construction and design, while working as a clothier’s apprentice.

At the age of 17 in 1939, he left for Vichy to work for a tailor. It was there he had started to make suits for women. Throughout the duration of the war; he worked with the Red Cross. Following the Liberation of France, he set off to Paris in 1944.

By 1945, Cardin started working for Madame Paquin, which later lead to him joining Marcelle Chaumont, who had worked as Madame Vionnet’s Assistant. This led to him working with various others and then with Christian Dior for the duration of three years, which spanned from 1947 to 1950.

Cardin then went on to open his own salon in 1950. This followed with him starting a life in Haute Couture in 1953. This is where he set up the Maison de Couture in the rue Richepanse. The boutique for women, he named Eve was opened by Cardin in 1954 and was the time that the bubble dresses became a hit.

Adam was the first boutique he had opened for men in 1957. Within that same year he made his first trip to Japan and was made an honorary professor at the Japanese Design College, Bunka Fukusoi. By the sixties, Cardin became one of the most well known designers out there.

Early Styles

Many of his early styles consisted of suits, for daywear in addition to coats with raglan sleeves. In addition, he made a number of dresses that had front defined waistlines in addition to Watteau backs. During this time, some of the dresses and suits did have skirts in a tulip shaped design. Additionally, a number of them had boxy waists, in addition to brushing jackets that either had scarf-tied or rolled collars. Some of the coats were also designed to have draped hemlines, along with bubble skirts and unstructured chemises.

Later Styles

As the years grew, the clothes started to shrink with the material used. Additionally, his clothes became more of a significant profession for his love of science fiction. Much of his fashion shifted towards vinyl, knitted cat suits, tight leather trousers, along with batwing jumpsuits.

Ultimately, Pierre Cardin’s designs consisted of those for which he had wished for the future. He had been a dreamer and creator. For him, his creations were the future of what we would soon know.

The Latest Trends In Bridal Fashion Jewelry

Whether it was the stunning 12 carat diamond engagement ring of Hollywood Legend Grace Kelly, or the mesmerizing diamond tiara worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day or even the more recent 20 carat diamond engagement ring gracing reality star Kim Kardashian’s finger, bridal jewelry has always been the talk of the town. The wedding day is the most important day of a bride’s life. It is her chance to shine and her chance at a happily ever after. It is important to leave no stone unturned in making sure that the bride looks her very best as she walks down the aisle. Wedding jewelry plays a big part in contributing to a bride’s transformation from the simple, girl next door to a stunning vision of beauty. The wide range of choices available today make searching for a perfect piece of bridal fashion jewelry a slightly daunting task, but this also means that there is something out there for everyone.

The bridal jewelry market today is filled with new designers who bring a breath of fresh air to the world of wedding jewelry with their new and innovative designs, giving the brides of today the very best of choose from. Bridal fashion jewelry today also reflects the fast changing trends of the fashion world. For instance, fashion has now done away with over-the-top and extravagant pieces, opting instead for simple, creative and aesthetically pleasing pieces. While we will be seeing a lot of rhinestone and crystal jewelry this season, pearl continues to remain a hot favorite with the fashion experts for the elegance they exude. Be prepared to see a lot of blue as fashion experts have declared this the color of the season with regard to fashion jewelry. Keeping things as simple as possible, experts also suggest vintage, retro or antique pieces or new combination of the same. Dramatic and unusual necklaces that are simple and unique are also making waves in the world of wedding jewelry.

Besides the latest trends in fashion, a lot of other factors need to be taken into account to ensure that the jewelry of the bride is a perfect match with her dress. The color, neck and the materials used in the making of the dress, all play a determining role in deciding the bridal jewelry. The stones used in the bridal fashion jewelry must also be considered before making a choice, as each stone has its own significance.

Brides today also have the option of buying customized, handmade jewelry, a great option which allows the bride to create and design jewelry for herself, ensuring that the bridal fashion jewelry that she wears on the all-important day reflects her personality. Another option for those pressed for time is to shop online for their wedding jewelry. A large number of safe websites now make it easier to browse through their products, obtain all the necessary information as well as reviews from previous customers and buy jewelry without having to leave the comfort of your home. Simple yet elegant, unique yet understated, that is the mantra for bridal fashion jewelry this season.

Footwear Fashions for Spring/Summer

Summer is here again. The time of year when the sun comes up and everybody seems to be happy. We love summer, but we love summer shoes even more. Here we have put together a simple article discussing all the latest women’s summer shoe fashions, in the hope of inspiring many of you to take a step in the right direction and dress to impress this season. From espadrilles to wedges, we look at some of this year’s most prominent footwear fashions.

The Wedge
So, starting with the wedge. A big trend this season and one that has overshadowed the stiletto heel greatly. ‘Out with the skinny and in with the chunky’ is the motto of the fashionista this season. Gone are skinny jeans, and gone are skinny heels – it’s all about the wedge. This is a great choice of footwear, because they are both comfortable and elegant. The wide surface area means that we can wear wedges all day without suffering any of the pain normally associated with heels. Choose a relatively open foot design, to ensure that your feet stay cool in the sweltering sun. Pair with another of this year’s biggest fashions, the maxi dress.

Nude Heels
OK, so not as popular as the wedge heel, the nude heel is still a great choice of shoe for wearing on an evening or at a wedding. They look great with most styles of clothing, but tend to have that party/elegant look, so most appropriate for special occasions.

A complete opposite of heels, these shoes are supremely comfortable. Not only are they very comfortable for walking in, they are also extremely lightweight and made of natural materials, which means that they keep your feet cool. Espadrilles look great with a wide range of different clothing; from skinny jeans to miniskirts, they look great.

Gladiator Sandals
Gladiator sandals have been on-trend since 2008, and they continue in their popularity this year too. Although this year’s models are a reinterpretation of previous years, they still prove exceptionally elegant. Again, this style of shoe matches many different trends, but as a rule of thumb, if you are wearing tall sandals, keep your skirt or trousers very short (in fact, do not wear trousers, wear shorts), or you risk looking plumper than you are – really, you should avoid taller shoes if unless you are relatively tall or quite skinny. With long trousers or skirts, stick to shorter sandals, those that finish at, or just above or below, the ankle.

To finish, let us consider some of this year’s most trendy colours (the advice here relates to all of the above styles of footwear).

Neon colours are very popular amongst the fashionista at present. Indeed, you cannot look to the catwalk without the risk of dazzling your eyes with neon. From ballet pumps to sandals, it’s all about neon. Remember: always keep to one focal point per outfit; if your shoes stand out then play down the rest of your outfit, and vice versa.