The Best Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Furniture

Next to buying a new car buying new furniture for your home can be the most stressful and expensive purchasing decisions you can make. First off because the price for furniture is so high. Secondly, since you will be using your furniture quite a bit, you will always be around using it reminding you of your buyer’s regret if you have any.

The best piece of advice you can have is to take your time and don’t be in a hurry to buy the first thing you see. It’s the best thing you can do in order to stay on budget. Retail stores that sell furniture market their products to attract that impulse buy of me and you. Think about it. How often do you really go shopping around in furniture stores? Are there really that many average consumers who are aware of furniture prices? I don’t think so. Selling furniture is built around this principle.

There is hope and a few ways to easily save money when buying furniture. Here are just a few of the simple ways you can go about spending less on furniture the next time you go shopping for that new couch.

  • Look for sales – January and July are best known for their furniture sales and are thus the two best months to find bargains when shopping. If it’s outside or patio furniture that you are looking for, hold off till August or September if you can. You’ll find many retailers selling what seasonal items they have left at deeply discounted prices.
  • Try out some outlets – If you’re lucky enough to live near a furniture outlet center, then you have the chance to save some big bucks. Many regional and national furniture retailers sell discontinued, distressed and returned merchandise at these outlets at considerably marked down prices. Even if you’re not in the market for any new furniture, try and visit these outlets regularly. You’ll never know when you may find a deal on something that is too good to pass up.
  • Browse the internet – Let’s say that you and your significant other are window shopping for furniture and see something you REALLY like. Before you go making a purchase, check online first. Do a search for the manufacturer’s name and the model or model number of the piece you liked. Don’t forget about other charges any possible taxes assessed and what types of shipping costs will be added on. Furniture is not light and neither will be the costs of shipping a couch.
  • Buy directly – There are some furniture dealers and manufacturers who sell directly to consumers. If you live within a close distance to a dealer you can shop directly there or try looking in the back of home design magazines for ads of dealers who also sell direct.
  • Go with used furniture – A more practical and sometimes cheaper approach to buying furniture is to buy used at a resale or consignment shop. These types of stores can be found in most cities and often times hold gems not found in any major retailer.